New Blogger!

Hello to all of my imaginary followers! I'm new to blogging and excited to start sharing my thoughts and hair experience. I'll primarily blog about hair with a few random items included!

So to begin, I did my hair myself for the first time last weekend!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment as I have never done my natural hair myself (so that means no shampooing, conditioning, styling, etc.). I have to  admit that I've been afraid of my hair forever because I've never had to do it myself. It's very thick and coarse so I would avoid it at all costs. Also, I've always gone to the hair salon from a young age. Even when I went away to college (4 hours from home) and traveled abroad, I made the trip back home to visit the salon and would schedule my visits around my hair. Many times I would just have dirty hair until I got it done - ill...I know (don't judge).

Back to the point - it took me 6 hours to do my hair from start to finish (and that's not including the 45 min DC). I was very proud of myself for sticking with it and getting it done, but very discouraged in that I absolutely DO NOT have 6 hours to devote to my hair every 2 weeks. Detangling took almost 2 hours!!! I was so over it. I did my first twist n curl which I learned from watching Fusion of Cultures on YouTube (love her - she's a friend in my head...lol). The results weren't bad for my first attempt:

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