I Have a Secret

I know I'm going to get a lot of raised eyebrows from people after reading this post, but I felt like I would be keeping a secret if I didn't share.

One day my sister sent me the following video of this young lady's hair journey and progress to date (we're always stalking searching for women who have hair "like ours" to keep us motivated about having long hair one day). While I was watching the video, she mentioned using miconazole nitrate (MN) to help speed up her hair growth. For those of you who are unfamiliar, MN is commonly used to treat yeast infections. I had heard of MN for hair growth, but wasn't really interested in learning more. However, once I saw this video, I was a little more curious. Long story short, after about 2 weeks of research, I decided to give it a try. I know there are many people who are like HELL NAW! And I was one of those people, but after learning more, it didn't seem there was much to lose.

After reading a few threads about MN on Long Hair Care Forum, I decided to do a simple mix of 2% Target Brand MN with 4oz of castor oil and 2oz of grapeseed oil. I mixed it all together and shook vigorously in order to blend the MN. I'm hoping to get roughly two weeks or more out of this 6oz mix.

My plan is to use MN daily from now until two weeks before my next relaxer in April, which is roughly 12 weeks (I waited 4 weeks after my last relaxer before starting to use it). The primary reason why I want to use MN is because I have always had a problem with my temples. Fortunately, I'm not bald, but the hair is VERY THIN. So I'm hoping that the MN will help fill in this area because nothing seems to be working.

Right Temple_October 2011
Left Temple_October 2011

So that's my secret. I don't plan to use MN forever. Depending on my results, I'm thinking that I would like to do this 1X per year for a few weeks just to get an added boost. I do feel like I'm cheating a bit regarding my progress if I do get great results, but we'll see. I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.

So what do you guys think? Have any of you ladies tried it and saw results, but decided you didn't want to continue using it anymore? Or have you just watched from the sidelines and shook your head (lol)?


Direct Heat Again...

As you guys know I got my hair relaxed about two weeks ago and I have my next hair appointment on Friday. My original goal was to go direct-heat free until my next relaxer in March, but I decided that I am actually going to get my hair blown out and straightened again during this salon visit.

The rational is that I want to give my hair a full 4 week break from the cornrows before I start wearing them regularly again. Since I have a fresh relaxer, my hair needs to grow in a little before I start braiding again. Once I start wearing my cornrows again, I plan to do so until the beginning of April when I get my next relaxer and mark my one year hairversary!!!

I'm not excited about the use of direct heat, but considering this won't be a regular habit, I think I can live with it. Also, I'm still protecting my hair overall by wearing my wig, so I feel a little better. Until next time!