Is It Just Me....

Or do you also inspect every strand that falls from your head? Sometimes I think I'm crazy, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm relatively new to the journey, but I make a point to manipulate my hair over the sink, which is light in color, so that I can pick up any strands that fall and look for that golden bulb on the end! Of course the point of analyzing the strand is to see if it's shedding or breakage. I find that even when I'm pretty sure that a strand is shed hair, I still check for the bulb. I have gone as far as measuring my strands to see whether it's shed hair or breakage.

Does anyone else do this? Will I eventually stop...lol???


  1. You're not alone...lol, I check them by sections so I will know if I have a problem in certain areas of my hair

  2. I check every strand for a bulb lol. It's become a habit now.

  3. @T&T - you just gave me another way to over analyze my stands - lol! That's smart to check in sections.

    @Jenijen - you're a veteran, so I should just get used to this habit, hunh - lol!