Direct Heat Again...

As you guys know I got my hair relaxed about two weeks ago and I have my next hair appointment on Friday. My original goal was to go direct-heat free until my next relaxer in March, but I decided that I am actually going to get my hair blown out and straightened again during this salon visit.

The rational is that I want to give my hair a full 4 week break from the cornrows before I start wearing them regularly again. Since I have a fresh relaxer, my hair needs to grow in a little before I start braiding again. Once I start wearing my cornrows again, I plan to do so until the beginning of April when I get my next relaxer and mark my one year hairversary!!!

I'm not excited about the use of direct heat, but considering this won't be a regular habit, I think I can live with it. Also, I'm still protecting my hair overall by wearing my wig, so I feel a little better. Until next time!


  1. I agree that some can tolerate direct heat used frequently if they cycle it with bouts of long-term protective styling. I was going to try to go heat free for all of 2012, but I realized there are certain looks I can ONLY get with heat. So I have changed that goal to blow-dryer free.

  2. Thanks ECP! You're right about mixing up heat use with PS, it helps ease the effects of heat. Blow dryer free is a great idea because it's not as extreme and limiting as totally heat free, which means you're probably more likely to stick to it! I'm sure you'll continue to see great results!