New Love

A few weeks ago I purchased Amla Oil. I was curious about this oil because last year I purchased Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream and really liked it. Although it took a few uses, the cream made my hair crazy soft and moisturized. With that, I figured that since Amla Oil was a key contributor in the hair cream, it would likely be great on its own.

I purchased the Amla Oil from a nearby Indian grocery store. I read that the popular brand, Dabur, contains mineral oil + other oils. I'm not overly anti-mineral oil, but I did want to ensure that I purchased the brand with the least amount of additives. With that, I purchased Bio brand. There aren't any ingredients listed on the box, so it was hard to confirm in the store, but I googled the brand once home and it seemed fine.

So far, I love Amla Oil: 

  • The greatest issue that I have is the smell - it is very strong. It doesn't stink, but I don't love it. Aside from that, everything else is cool. 
  • Amla is a very thin oil - it's very liquidy and not as thick as a grapeseed, jojoba, etc. It has a green color, which apparently can darken hair over time, so if you are concerned with darkening your hair color, you may not want to use this. 
  • According to the description of it's uses (listed on a website with details for this brand), Amla Oil creates a healthy environment for hair to grow and can help increase hair growth up to 7X faster than normal. I didn't purchase this oil as a growth aid and don't necessarily believe the claims, but if it does increase my hair growth as an added bonus, I'll take it! 
  • I currently have Amla mixed with my scalp oil concoction (Amla, Vitamin E, Castor, and Jojoba), as well as mixed with EVCO as a sealant for daily M&Sing. Just as with the Qhemet cream, when I first started using the Amla, I didn't notice a difference, but after a few days, my hair was consistently soft and moisturized.
  • Lastly, over the last 3 weeks I have used Amla with a new deep conditioner that I purchased (I'll talk about it in another post), and it has been great! I use a generous amount of conditioner and then spray the Amla oil on my hair, place a plastic cap and my turbie twist on for a few hours, and my hair is like butter!

I will continue to use Amla Oil moving forward and hope that my hair continues to respond well! HHJ


  1. I'm totally not interested in trying new products or getting into the Indian hair product game, but for whatever reason I'm obsessed with learning about it! The mineral oil is one of the reasons I never wanted to try this but now that I know there are other brands, its good to know.

    1. I hear you Ms ECP! I'm trying to slow down on my product purchases, all while still experimenting to perfect my regimen and what products work best for my hair. I hope that soon I'll be finished and can stick to my "staples." And I agree- Indian hair products/oils/etc. are all very fascinating to me. Clearly they're doing something right because they stay with butt length hair, lol!

  2. I might check this one out. I have tried lots of oils and nothing compares to EVCO for me. I have also recently fell in love with Doo Gro Mega Growth oil for sealing. Keep us posted on how it continues to work for you!

    1. Hi MeliMel - I hear you on EVCO, that was the very first oil that I purchased when I started my hair journey. It worked really well with my hair and has been my go to ever sense (I've tried a few different ones that I don't love: grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, EVOO, etc.). I didn't realize Doo Gro had an oil...I may have to try that out! HHJ!