I Need Your Opinion...

Hi friends - I hope you all are well!

So in January, I told you guys that I'm headed to South Africa in December for one of my closest friends' wedding! As I mentioned, I'm in the wedding, so I have been planning my relaxer schedule around December for the whole year. Well fast forward to today, and we're about two months out from the actual wedding day, and my family and I have finalized our plans for travel. I'm sooo excited about this trip, especially considering the year that I have been having (I'll fill you guys in another time). We are traveling for 3 weeks and included is a trip to Kenya to go on Safari!

So now to the hair part - in January, I had planned to just make sure that I had a fresh relaxer so that I could do whatever the bride requests for her big day. I wasn't sure if I would get a weave, but considered adding a few tracks if necessary. Well fast forward to today, and I honestly just want to wear a nice wig and call it a day. The main reason I want to wear a wig is because we will be traveling for a few weeks and I DON'T want to think about my hair at all while we're there. If I do my normal routine of braiding my hair and wearing a nice lace front, I think that should do the trick. The other reason is that I don't want an unfamiliar person's hands in my hair (I know you guys can relate to that). The bride has already scheduled hair consultations for all of the girls the day before the wedding so that we can play with our hair to get the right look for the wedding.

But here is the caveat, we are wearing fascinators as part of our outfits. I don't know how well a fascinator is going to fit over my wig (if it's a headband) and I don't want to ruin the bride's pictures, or day with my shenanigans...not cool.

So I'm torn - do I suck it up and just wear my hair out for the entire vacation, including allowing a random stylist to do my hair for the wedding day?

Or do I talk to the bride and tell her that I want to wear a wig because I feel more comfortable caring for my own hair?

Last bit of info - the bride did mention that she's open to the bridesmaids doing what we want with our hair if we have a particular style in mind because she wants us all to look fab, but be comfortable. But I want the bride to get what she wants because it's her day, and I don't want to distract from that in any way...

What do you guys think? Sorry for the long post! HHJ


  1. I think u're making it more complicated than it has to be. If she is open to your suggestions than I would just let her know my plans. I think u should do it as soon as possible so she is not under the impression that u will be going along with what she has planned.

  2. Thank you BB! You're probably right - I am over thinking it. Fortunately we spoke this week and we'll probably get together in 2 weeks, so I'll wear my wig for her and see if she's ok with it! HHG

  3. YOu dont need to worry. If there is somewhere in the world the stylists are used to african hair types it is in Africa. They have styled, straightned and and combed African hair since the beginning of times. It is not like in US where you ahve to go to a specific stylist, specialized on black or etnich hair.

    January is mid-summer in SA, wearing a weave or wig can be very hot.

    // Lisa

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Lisa! I never thought of it that way, but you make a good point that if anywhere in the world should know how to do 4B, semi-natural hair, it should be Africa :-). I think I'm just nervous because I don't like ANYONE touching my hair who is not familiar with it, even when I'm in the US. For example, I moved away from my home stylist and salon for 2 years and scheduled every visit home, around my hair so that only my stylist touched it. HHG!