Wash Day Stress!!!

Ok- instead of sleeping right now as I should be since I have to go to work tomorrow, I'm writing this post about my wash day/ night. I just washed my hair because it had been over a week since my last wash and I have definitely gotten in the habit of washing weekly.

So as I reported in my last two posts, my focus is on stopping the breakage issue I'm currently having and getting back to basics. Well honey, not only does it seem like my attempt to whip my hair back into shape has not started working, but my hair seems to be breaking MORE than it was before AND the pieces are LONGER!!!!! WTF - I'm not going to have any length after my next relaxer at this rate.

Today I didn't start out with the oil treatment because I needed to clarify and although my stylist advised otherwise, I think it sort of defeats the purpose to start out with an oil treatment and then do a clarifying wash...right? Anyway, so I did a really good job shampooing my hair and did notice some breakage, but wasn't too concerned. When I detangled though, all hell broke loose. I'm so distraught because I seriously feel like I'm headed to set-back city.

I decided I'm going to give it another few washes before I think of another plan, or talk to my stylist. I will admit that this is only my second wash in my process to get back on track, BUT it's quite scary when things appear to be getting worse instead of better. I decided that I'm going to implement a mid-week protein treatment. The oil treatment that I do before my shampoo is a protein treatment, so in about 2-3 days, I'm going to put this on my hair for 20-30 minutes with a hot towel (my hood version of a steam treatment, lol) rinse it out, and then apply my leave-in. A few days after that will be my normal wash day and I will start my routine with the same oil treatment as ususal and go through my wash day routine.

This is sooo stressful! I really feel like my progress is being threatened big time. Lord willing my hair will continue to grow, so I will be able to recover from the breakage, but I'm just starting to get some traction, UGH! Ok, until next wash day...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Awww! Sorry to hear this! A bit of breakage doesn't necessarily mean that you're heading for setback city, though!

    What are you doing for moisture?

    1. Thank you Shika - I'm pretty diligent with M&Sing and do so more or less daily. I've been using water to moisturize because I have yet to find a great moisturizer and then sealing with an oil mix of coconut + castor + amla oil. I'm still working on getting my M&S mix right.

  2. how is your oil treatment a protein treatment?

    1. Hi Sasha - great question! Although the product is an oil and has an oil consistency, the description and ingredients point to a protein treatment/ base. The description states "...oil is a pre-shampoo treatment brimming with vital restructuring elements to help restore lipid and protein deficiencies...formula is comprised of egg yolk..." etc. I don't have the list of ingredients handy because they are listed on a separate paper in the box, which I misplaced. I'm happy to share the ingredients when I come across them. Hope this clarifies, HHJ!