Relaxer Results

Happy Sunday friends!

As planned, I got my texturizer today at 11 weeks. It was uneventful - in a good way - and I managed to maintain some length. You may remember that I was expecting a deep trim considering my breakage issues. Fortunately, I got a normal trim and my stylist believes that my hair health is back on track, my breakage is under control (and will continue to subside), and things seem in order. I restocked my products and got 2 new items that I'll share in another post. Overall, I'm committed to sticking to the basics and closely monitoring what products I use.

The other exciting news is that I scheduled my appointment to get my box braids!!! I'll get them done in 4 weeks, and wear them for 8 weeks for my normal 12 weeks between relaxers.

Below is a comparison shot vs. last relaxer. Sorry for the lack of photos this time, but this gives an idea. Also, the photos are in different lights and angles because my sister, who is about my height, took the one in December and my BF, who is taller than me, took the one today. I'll try to take more consistent photos moving forward. My hair looks a little weird, but I don't have a random chunk missing (as it appears) and the trim is similar to the December photo. Guess what...I'M FINALLY TOUCHING THE LINE ON MY SHIRT!!!! I didn't think I would get there today, but I'm pretty excited! Until next time :-)

Left: February 2013; Right: December 2012


  1. Your hair looks great! So thick and healthy! You're making great progress.

    1. Thank you Jeni!!! I'm just trying to keep up with your beautiful locks! HHJ

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ghanaian Emprezz! I'm pretty happy :-)