How Long Did it Take?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I have been thinking recently - with my length check impending on my one year hair anniversary, I'm not really getting my hopes up for long, lucious, locks...I just don't see it. I'm trying to keep a level mind because the reality is, I know my hair has grown since last year. However, when my sister and I first started our journey, we were all pumped (as most newbies are) and had LOFTY goals!

We were thinking that because we both had shoulder length hair already, it would be reasonable to hit full shoulder length within 6 months (i.e. September of 2011) and then be on our way to APL (arm pit length) by our one year mark. Point. Blank. Period!

Well fast forward to today: my sister has struggled with her hair journey and is trying to get back on board, and I have been very committed, but a little curious about whether or not all of this M&S'ing, and wig wearing have paid off?

So that brings me to the point of this post...how long did it take you lovely ladies to see some real progress? As I continue to read different blogs, etc. it seems to take about two years for the length to start kicking in strong for many people. That's just my observation, but I could be psyching myself out to try and feel better, lol. Anyway, I'm committed regardless, but I want to know when the fruit of my labor will be apparent?


  1. I've been on my hair journey for about 18 months now. I started at almost shoulder length. Now I'm full shoulder length and grazing APL.

    I've realized that overall my hair is much healthier, there is little to no breakage, ends are strong, hair has movement and body. I think the initial year or so was just my hair getting into the groove, me shedding dead, irrecoverable hairs, and now -- voila! Finally I'm retaining length, and I see my hard work paying off.

    So don't give up. I got frustrated too. But keep at it, and soon the results will show!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I need to hear stories like yours because I think when you first start your hair journey, you don't realize just how long it takes to get in the groove and see results like you said. Hopefully I can stay the course. HHJ!

  2. i don't have an official starting point for my hair journey unfortunately, but i have been on it for at least 3 years now. And it does take time to get into a groove. Even now i'm at APL, and know i could be farther along except i spent last year really concentrating on my ends. Which meant frequent dusting and light trims. They were scraggly, dry, kept catching on each other and even had my first set of single strand knots. So obviously they had to go. But now my hair doesn't look so see through at the ends and i'd much rather have that than the extra length.