Relaxer Results

So I got my relaxer today. I have mixed feelings about my hair. The results are fine and as expected, but the process to get to the final results was TORTUROUS! When I think of getting my hair done, I like to think of being relaxed, having a wonderful experience, etc. Fortunately, I do go to a great salon that's very comfortable and relaxing, but when it's time for my relaxer, it's a real process.

I'm partially to blame for today's experience because I took my cornrows out last night, but didn't comb through my hair to release the shed hair. I honestly thought my stylist would do that once I arrived, but she didn't. So you can only imagine how things turned out....I had 1,000 knots, tangling, etc. So. Not. Fun. Once I got in her chair to get my hair blown out, the torture session continued. As I sat there, bearing the pain, I was thinking to myself - what can I do differently moving forward?

I think I'm going to ease up on the corn rows and maybe try roller setting my hair and then wrapping under my wig. This way, I'll get to release the shed hair on a regular basis rather than have it accumulate.  I hope this also significantly reduces the tangling and knots that I get.

I'm not bashing my stylist because I do feel that she listens to me and has been accommodating to my hair goals, but I just don't think it's normal to go to the salon and be in that much discomfort. I think a lot of the issue as well is that I have very coarse, thick hair that is texturized, so there is a good amount of texture and curl in my hair. This may be causing more harm than good.

My Mother mentioned that she thinks my hair is too coarse and thick for the way I'm currently caring for it in terms of wearing cornrows and getting them redone monthly. I agree with her in that I need to return to my bi-weekly visits because I think that will help with maintaining my hair a little better.

Sorry for the long post - I'm rambling and likely not making sense. I'm just frustrated because I want a better experience when I get my hair relaxer and I don't know how to achieve that with the state of my hair right now. Anyway, below are some pictures and comparison shots vs. my last relaxer. My hair felt longer when I was getting it done, but looking at these pictures....not so much. My hair used to be this length, so I don't really feel like it's changing much (I had cut my hair a few months before starting my hair journey, so that's why this length feels normal). Hopefully I'll start to see a difference in length soon.

Novermber 2011 Relaxer & Trim
November 2011 Relaxer & Trim

March 2012 Relaxer & Trim
March 2012 Relaxer & Trim


  1. You have made great progress in length and health. I notice your hair has more of a shine. Even though your hair was that length before celebrate the small victories! HHG!

    1. Hi @ BB - thank you so much for the encouragement. You are right - I need to celebrate the small victories and be thankful that I have a head full of hair at all. HHG :-)

  2. I went so far as to open this post in two separate windows so I could line up the pictures side by side to compare and I can see that you gained in length. Especially in the pictures where you're turned to the side. In the March 2012 picture, your front pieces are resting on your shoulder now. Your hair looks thicker and healthier, you still have cause to celebrate! :)

    1. Hi Jeni - Thank you so much for the encouragement, AND going as far as comparing the photos yourself! I think you're correct about my sides making some strides and overall making some progress. I'm still dreaming of locks as gorgeous as yours one day :-) HHG

  3. Hello,

    There is nothing wrong with you cornrowing your hair. You just have to take it down more than one night before your relaxer.

    As a rule, beauticians will not comb the hair before starting the service. Combing stimulates the scalp and will cause irritation and burning as the relaxer is applied. Also the hair is in a softened state as the relaxer begins to work and any pulling or tugging on the hair will cause damage and/or breaking.

    It would be better to take your hair down a week or more prior to the relaxer service. This will give you plenty of time to detangle and remove the hair that has shed. Also it will give your scalp time to 'settle down' from the combing. Some people think that tangles will be eliminated during the relaxer application but it does not work that way. If anything it will cause more harm than good.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck on your Journey.

    Dee--Licensed Beautician since 1980