Rusk Hair Products

Hi ladies - happy Friday!

Quick random post - so I'm actually in Houston, TX this weekend for a conference. I don't know anyone here, so I decided to hang in the lobby/ bar area and meet some of the attendees. So myself and about four other women with beautiful hair were sitting in the lobby and a woman approached us from Rusk Hair products and said that Rusk was in town doing a hair event and wanted to know if we would be interested in modeling for the show. I think she also mentioned something about a hair cut - so not happening!

Anyway, we all declined the invitation because the weekend is jammed packed (each day legitimately begins at 7:00 AM and goes until 9:00 at a minimum...need I say more?), but me being secretly obsessed with all things hair, I wanted to inquire about this hair event and understand more about exactly what was taking place. But alas - I'm away for business, so gotta stay focused!

Also...super, extra random, there was a guy with the rep who asked us to model and he looked weirdly familiar, but not as if I knew him personally. Anyway, I think the guy was from Chris Rock's movie Good Hair. He was the chocolate coach with long dreads who worked with the girl who cut hair upside down in the Bronner Brothers hair show. Do you remember what I'm talking about?


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