New Goodies!

Hi friends - I hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying the early peak of Summer (for those in the Northeast)!

I purchased these bottles a little over a month ago after seeing them on Jeni's blog. I had been in the market for glass bottles to house some of my oil mixtures and products, but didn't commit to finding what I needed. Once I saw her post, I decided to use the same vendor. Glass bottles are great to store products in because they contain less potentially harmful chemicals than their plastic counterparts (such as BPA).

I purchased the following and love them!


From left to right:
  • 6 oz: I use this bottle for the oil mixture that I apply to my scalp on a daily basis. This has a dropper so it allows for easy and controlled application to my scalp. 
  • 6 oz: I'm currently not using this bottle, but I'm sure that I'll find some use for the pump.
  • 6oz: This bottle has a spray nozzle which I LOVE for M&Sing! I previously had trouble getting just the right amount of oil to seal my hair. Now, I actually fill this bottle with EVCO, warm it up if it's not liquid, and then spray it on my hair after moisturizing for even distribution on my strands! It's also a bit less messy than applying the oil with my hands - #winning!
  • 3oz: I purchased this bottle for traveling. I've been traveling a lot lately and need to be able to transport whatever oil(s) I need in my carry on bag!
Until next time!


  1. I love these bottles. I have plastic ones but after reading your note about
    BPA, I may switch over to glass. I purchased them in plastic because I'm a clutz :).

    I've been planning on purchasing a few more to house all my oils.

    1. Hi Jeni! I'm glad I came across these on your blog - for some reason I thought you had the glass bottles. it's all good though - you can always purchase more! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nice purchases! I really like the idea of spraying oil for sealing rather than using your hand, and it seems like glass would be more spil proof than plastic for travelling.

    1. Thanks Ms. ECP! I definitely recommend giving the M&S a try via the spray bottle. You're also right about it being a little more spill proof. Thanks for stopping by!