One Lovely Blog Award

The beautiful Jeni form Just Grow Already has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award (unfortunately I'm not saavy enough to know how to include the image in this post...SMH...how old am I?). Thank you Jeni!!!

In accepting, I must share 7 things about myself and pass this on to 15 fellow bloggers!

  1. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes
  2. I'm sort of a health & fitness nut, so I workout daily and basically only drink water (~96+ oz per day)
  3. I once did an online commercial for my company
  4. Although natural, sneezing is really gross to me and freaks me out because of all of the germs that are released (I'm a germaphobe)
  5. I am the youngest of 3 (I have a sister and a brother)
  6. My sister's wedding was featured on Essence.com in the Bridal Bliss section
  7. I am an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman!
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  1. My mom's a germaphode too. She drilled into me that I need to wash my hands before I shower lol, to avoid spreading any germs or bacteria I have on my hands to my body. I love the nutty lady :)

    1. LOL - that is hilarious!!! I can totally relate to where she's coming from...germs lead to trouble!