Hair Goals

I'm not sure how many of you have checked out my Progress page, but on there I state that my goal is to be APL by 8/1/2012, which is roughly one year, 5 months from the start of my long hair journey, and one year from the start of my blog. My stretch goal is to be BSL by that time if I'm able to retain the majority of my length and have everything else "go right."

I'm sure if you've checked out that page, you probably think I'm crazy for thinking I can go from SL to BSL in one year (I actually thought that was pretty ambitious once I posted it, lol) especially considering that some of the ladies whose blogs I follow show just how challenging it can be to go from APL to BSL. BUT- it can be done! In the following video Kami11213 talks about how she went from SL to BSL in about 8 months. She definitely did some aggressive protective styling, but she was able to pull it off. Maybe I'll have a similar success story? If I PS, M&S and do all of the other things that work for my hair from October - June, that will be 8 months...

I'm lazy with my hair anyway - hence the reason I wash bi-weekly and only style on wash days - so I actually think this could work for me. Maybe I'll start with baby steps and aim to try this for one month and then add on as I go along. I'll keep you posted!

Fast forward to 1:10 if you want to skip to where she talks about going from SL to BSL. Also check out her hair growth video - she has beautiful hair!


  1. I think doubt is what keeps us back to most from our goals...we came do it, we just got to believe..

  2. You're right @T&T! Believing is half the battle! Yes We Can!!! Nadege from Relaxed Hair Health has a post about a woman who gained 8 inches in one year through positive thinking and a solid regimen, so anything is possible!

  3. Mind over matter. If you tell yourself you can do it and take the necessary steps; it is more than possible.

  4. Thanks Chanel - I agree...mind over matter! I'm working on getting my mind there first!