OMG - Wig Shopping!

So it's getting cooler in Philadelphia, which means that it's time to cover this hair! Time is also of the essence so wearing a wig will be easier than trying to style my hair.

I went online to do a little research BEFORE going to the store so that I could try on the styles that I had pre-selected and save time. I got to the store and clearly today was national buy a new wig day (at least in Philly) because it was soooo busy! I was so overwhelmed AND annoyed with all of the people and lack of sales associates able to answer my questions that I ended up leaving (I also had to get to my much needed mani & pedi appointment).

Long story short - I didn't buy a wig today and I really needed to because I'm planning to start wearing it next weekend. I'll likely go visit a different store when I have a chance and hopefully get something good. Wish me luck!

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