Hands in My Hair

I have this HORRIBLE habit of putting my hands in my hair. Fortunately I don't really twist and play with it between my fingers, tug, or anything like that, but I do find my hands in my hair way more than I would like.

I try to justify it by saying that I'm feeling to see if it's moisturized and feels "right." I'm honestly still trying to get a sense of how often I need to M&S, what products my hair likes, how it "should" feel, etc, but I need to tone it down. The other genuine issue is that when I'm in deep thought or trying to figure something out, my hands immediately go to my hair. Some people bite their nails, others tap their feet, some scrunch their face, I play in my hair.

One way I try to combat this problem is by tying my hair up shortly after I get home in the evenings. I'll usually M&S and put JBCO on my scalp and then put on my satin bonnet. This way my hair is completely covered and out of harms way for the night.

I need to get rid of this habit if I have any hopes of reaching my aggressive length goals! Am I alone???


  1. You are not alone! I have this same problem...so I know you will reach your goals regardless.
    This is one of the main reasons why I stay in protective styles though.

  2. Thank you Ms. D! You definitely give me inspiration b/c you're close to BSL, so as you mentioned, that means there is hope :-). I'm going wig shopping this weekend b/c this is getting dangerous!

  3. You are totally not alone! I do the first half ALLLLLLL day long if my hair is out. Touching to see if it needs a shot of moisture/protection (I keep whipped shea butter in my purse), if my ends are dry, if I feel any buildup, etc. And I definitely cover up as soon as I walk in the house. Its like I can't fully relax until my hair is safely protected for the evening. You're in good company! lol!

  4. LOL - thanks EbonyCPrincess! It feels good to know that I am not alone. Reading your comment though, I may just start carrying a little somethin' somethin' in my bag so I can be more effective on the go as well...lol! I'm really trying to control the urge though!

  5. Tag you're it

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  6. Thank you T&T!!!! I'm going to do a post with the questions soon!