I Tried it Again...And it Worked!

The Greenhouse Effect that is! So I didn't even intend to do the Greenhouse Effect, but what had happened was (lol), I M&S'd my hair on Tuesday night and I used a good amount of product (I have a heavy hand). So after I M&S, I like to put on my scarf so that I keep my hands out of my hair (you know I have a problem with that based on an earlier post). I got a new pack of plastic caps last week when I went wig shopping that was sitting on my counter, so I decided to use the plastic cap, followed by my other scarves.

I did not add any type of water or anything, but the next morning the cap definitely had little beads of water and there was visible steam! When I removed the plastic cap, my hair was barely damp, but it was nice and soft and moisturized. On Wednesday night I followed the same process as the night before, only this time I didn't M&S (I M&S every other day) and I had the same results this morning...small beads of water in the plastic cap along with slightly damp, moisturized hair. I think I may continue this method especially as I start to wear my wig because the wig accessories can be drying (I wear a satin scarf over my braids and then the wig cap and wig).

Just thought I would share that I accidentally stumbled upon making the Greenhouse effect work for me since I had such a traumatic experience before! Until next time...


  1. glad you found a method that worked

    i'm still lol @ your last experience...lol sorry...

  2. Thanks @ T&T - I'm still laughing at my last experience myself! I cannot believe how crazy I am at times!