Is It Really Worth It?

I was visiting Ms. Kibibi's site and came across a "throwback" picture as she calls it, of when she first started her hair journey, a little past shoulder length. In the post she shows two pictures: one of where she began her hair journey and one when she reached waist length 5 years later. She made a great point in the post, which is - it took her 5 years to make waist length, which may be be a long time, but what's the point of rushing to reach your hair goal?

When you think about things from that perspective, I think it helps to take the pressure off of reaching these amazing lengths in as fast a timeframe as possible (I clearly am talking about myself and my lofty length goals for 2012). Let's face it, we all wanted healthy, long hair yesterday, hence the reason many of us started our journey, however, the reality is, it may take a little longer to reach your length goal, but what's the rush? Time will keep going so you mind as well work toward your goals and just allow things to happen as they may.

In general, I am a pretty impatient person (I'm working on this) and I'm VERY results driven, so when I see results, I'm encouraged to keep doing something. So with my hair, I'm pretty sure committed to reaching my goal, but when I think about how long it may take, I get a little discouraged. But if I change the way I approach the time frame, I think it makes my long term goals a little easier because the reality is, regardless of whether or not I reach my goal next year, or in 3 years, what do I have to lose?

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it was on my mind.


  1. It makes complete sense. Glad I popped in over here, but I'm really considering beginning the transition to natural now (shhh, it's a secret lol) but was stuck on how long it will take me to reach my long term goal and then once there, to begin pursuing natural goal. That seems like twice the work, so why not just start now and take it one day at a time. I'm learning to be a more patient person, especially with my hair. I'm trying to focus on "as long as I get there."

  2. I totally can relate. I imagine my timeline would be similar to MsK's and although my progress is slow - at least it is progress! I think about it this way, if I wasn't on my HHJ then my hair would still be at shoulder length and the same amount of time would have passed. So either way...I may as well stay committed because the time is going to pass anyway.

  3. Wow Jenijen! That's huge to transition to natural, but like you said, take it one day at a time and focus on the small wins that will contribute to your goal!

    That's true EbonyCPrincess - any progress is good progress! And you're right the way you think about it - if we weren't on this journey, we would still have shoulder length hair (well I still do...lol) with time ticking away!