Kreativ Blogger (Award)

Thank you Texlaxed and Things for tagging me! 

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  • Favorite Song: UUUMMM....right now it's probably Adele, Someone Like You although the song is such a Debbie Downer
  • Favorite Dessert: Creme Brulee
  • What Pisses You Off: Rude/ No Manners people (as my Nana would say...lol)
  • When You're Upset You: Go to sleep - sleep solves most things in my life
  • Favorite Pet: My leopard print flats...not an animal lover
  • Black or White: BLACK! I wear black just about everyday...it's my favorite color
  • Biggest Fear: Not having the life I dream of
  • Best Feature: My abs :-) 
  • Everyday Attitude: Is it really that serious? Don't sweat the small stuff
  • What is Perfection: Working as hard as you can
  • Guilty Pleasure: Housewives of ATL, NJ, BH; Keeping up With the Kardashian's, ANTM 
7 Random Things:
  1. My Sister and Mom are my closest friends 
  2. I wake up at 5:30 am Monday - Friday to work out (my staple workouts are pilates + cardio, and P90X)
  3. I am from Philadelphia and LOVE everything Philly from the Eagles, to the Phillies, to the YUMMY cheesesteaks that we're known for!
  4. I studied abroad in Trinidad and Tobago for a semester during my senior year of college (shout out to Tris from Texlaxed & Things)
  5. I'm a foodie, so I try new restaurants on a regular basis and enjoy exploring all different types of food
  6. My best friend is 1/2 american, 1/2 South African and is getting married in South Africa next year so I'm planning my first trip there (more details to come)
  7. I love to travel although I haven't been anywhere interesting in the last year
Similar to Wishful Lengths, the people who I would like to tag have been tagged already! I'll add blogs if I think of any!


  1. thanks for the big up..

    Is your Nana fro the Caribbean?

  2. Anytime @ T&T! She's not - my older family is from the South part of the US, but I have a special place in my heart for the Caribbean :-)